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About How the Earth Thinks

All life and non-life on our earth is connected; elements and energy dance together to create a forever-changing and rebalancing web. Understanding the 'dance moves' ..or connections ...and in particular the role of the smaller life, helps make our way ahead clearer. How the Earth Think's aim is to share knowledge and skills to see that way ahead. 


There are definite answers out there to the poor state the web is in, and most are to do with the sea and the soil. For this reason, we are focusing on helping regenerate the soil by doing research pertinent to the climate and biome of Cumbria, and at the same time following, and sharing, the new science of the sea.


Interestingly, our own mental health is connected to both and we are only able to make the changes if we are well ourselves, this is another important area for us, and we offer help to anyone wanting to know more about the connection between our microbiome, and our health.


And lastly, what really links everything together is thinking like a web -in other words, solving problems by making connections, we teach this too. 

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