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Beautiful Nature

Upcoming Events

Below are the dates of our upcoming events: Talks, Workshops, Open days...

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Living Soil and Compost Workshop

All Talks and Workshops currently on request (just get in touch) as we are busy with group workshops and producing a film. We are looking for student interns to help with the film -accommodation provided.

Discussion and Information Session: Current trends in more ecological approaches
to agriculture

This session will present the principles and  some background information on each and then invite discussion about how these may best serve our future.


Entwined Worlds: Soil and Sea Festival

On hold until we get some more helpers, please get in touch if you would be able to help.

Family Garden
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Entwined worlds talk
Harm or Heal?
Food, Us, Ecology and Climate.
This talk is 'part one' for the workshops and introduces a number of concepts to help you get more from the 'part twos'

Request a talk at a venue near you or contact us to find out when the next one is at Crosby Ravensworth.

Regenerate yourself with a regenerative diet.

A diet that is beneficial to the environment is massively beneficial to you too. Get in touch to find out more.


Grow a Better Brain

You can grow a better brain and we show you the work of a wide range of neurologists, doctors and functional medical practitoners to help you do this. The Diet and Nutrition Workshop is a good precursor to this one as it covers nutrition for the brain, this one takes that a bit further and also looks at how we can improve cognition, memory, resilience and longevity.

Coming soon:

Teach Your Kids How to Think

How to Think Like a Web: 

Strategies for solving every problem you come across.

Please register interest in these two workshops and we will get back to you with more information.

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