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How the Earth Thinks: 
Planet, Soil, Nutrition, Ecology.

It's never too late to make it better than it is.


How the Earth Thinks is dedicated to informing about the connections that influence our world; the complex intelligence network that runs everything from our health to the health of the planet. By sharing knowledge we can make a difference to both of these and, we firmly believe, we can help save the world.

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Our Aims


Aim One (Happening Now)

We know we have information, the latest science on the microbiome of the planet, the plants and us, that will surprise you. It will also change your life.

We work for free because we want to give back (and save the world.)


Aim Two

We see the need for shoppers to know what they are buying. Working with others, we aim to create a food label for local and regenerative produce.


Aim Three

By teaching the skills of regenerative market gardening we can better equip communities to feed themselves with produce that will restore health to the local ecology and the local people.

Upcoming Events

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Talks and Workshops that we offer

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Coming soon: Our Local Farms providing regeneratively grown produce

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